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With our fully-managed serverless solutions, you can forget about managing nodes, shards, data tiers and scaling to maintain the health and performance of your deployments. We’re now doing that for you. Instead, focus on your data and goals.

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Build custom search applications with Elasticsearch.


Elastic Observability

Monitor applications and systems with Elastic Observability.


Elastic Security

Detect, investigate, and respond to threats with Elastic Security.

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Invite your team

Invite new members to your organization.

Assign user roles and privileges

Assign user roles and privileges to members in your organization.

Manage your project

Manage your project data, search power, and more.

Check your subscription overview

View the details about your subscription.

Monitor and analyze your account usage

Check past and current usage for your projects.

Manage your project settings

Manage your indices, data views, and more.