What is an Elastic integration?

This integration is powered by Elastic Agent. Elastic Agent is a single, unified way to add monitoring for logs, metrics, and other types of data to a host. It can also protect hosts from security threats, query data from operating systems, forward data from remote services or hardware, and more. Refer to our documentation for a detailed comparison between Beats and Elastic Agent.

Prefer to use Beats for this use case? See Filebeat modules for logs or Metricbeat modules for metrics.

The custom TCP Log package intializes a listening TCP socket that collects any TCP traffic received and sends each line as a document to Elasticsearch. Custom ingest pipelines may be added by adding the name to the pipeline configuration option, creating custom ingest pipelines can be done either through the API or the Ingest Node Pipeline UI.


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Update package to ECS 8.5.0.
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Fix indentation of syslog processor in agent handlebars file.
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Update package to ECS 8.4.0
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Improve syslog parsing description
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Add syslog parsing option
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Update package to ECS 8.3.0.
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Update to ECS 8.2
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Initial Release