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Microsoft Exchange Server

Collect logs from Microsoft Exchange Server with Elastic Agent.

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Compatible Kibana version(s)
8.10.1 or higher
Supported Serverless project types

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The Microsoft Exchange Server integration allows you to monitor Exchange Server installations.

Data streams

The Microsoft Exchange Server integration collects logs of the following streams:

  • Exchange HTTPProxy Logs
  • Exchange Server IMAP4 POP3 Logs
  • Exchange Messagetracking Logs
  • Exchange SMTP logs


You need Elasticsearch for storing and searching your data and Kibana for visualizing and managing it. You can use our hosted Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud, which is recommended, or self-manage the Elastic Stack on your own hardware.


For step-by-step instructions on how to set up an integration, see the Getting started guide.

Setup Exchange Server

To collect the SMTP Logs, the logs have to be configured on the exchange Server. To enable it, you can follow this guide The other logs are enabled by default, and no further configurations are required


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