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Custom GCS (Google Cloud Storage) Input

Collect JSON data from configured GCS Bucket with Elastic Agent.

Beta feature

This functionality is in beta and is subject to change. The design and code is less mature than official generally available features and is being provided as-is with no warranties. Beta features are not subject to the support service level agreement of official generally available features.

What is an Elastic integration?

This integration is powered by Elastic Agent. Elastic Agent is a single, unified way to add monitoring for logs, metrics, and other types of data to a host. It can also protect hosts from security threats, query data from operating systems, forward data from remote services or hardware, and more. Refer to our documentation for a detailed comparison between Beats and Elastic Agent.

Prefer to use Beats for this use case? See Filebeat modules for logs or Metricbeat modules for metrics.

Use the google cloud storage input to read content from files stored in buckets which reside on your Google Cloud. The input can be configured to work with and without polling, though currently, if polling is disabled it will only perform a one time passthrough, list the file contents and end the process. Polling is generally recommended for most cases even though it can get expensive with dealing with a very large number of files.

To mitigate errors and ensure a stable processing environment, this input employs the following features :

  1. When processing google cloud buckets, if suddenly there is any outage, the process will be able to resume post the last file it processed and was successfully able to save the state for.

  2. If any errors occur for certain files, they will be logged appropriately, but the rest of the files will continue to be processed normally.

  3. If any major error occurs which stops the main thread, the logs will be appropriately generated, describing said error.

NOTE: Currently only JSON is supported with respect to object/file formats. We also support gzipped JSON object/files. As for authentication types, we currently have support for json credential keys and credential files. If a download for a file/object fails or gets interrupted, the download is retried for 2 times. This is currently not user configurable.

ECS Field Mapping

This integration includes the ECS Dynamic Template, all fields that follows the ECS Schema will get assigned the correct index field mapping and does not need to be added manually.

Ingest Pipelines

Custom ingest pipelines may be added by adding the name to the pipeline configuration option, creating custom ingest pipelines can be done either through the API or the Ingest Node Pipeline UI.


Enhancement View pull request
ECS version updated to 8.10.0.
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The format_version in the package manifest changed from 2.11.0 to 3.0.0. Removed dotted YAML keys from package manifest. Added 'owner.type: elastic' to package manifest.
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Add tags.yml file so that integration's dashboards and saved searches are tagged with "Security Solution" and displayed in the Security Solution UI.
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Update package to ECS 8.9.0.
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Update package to ECS 8.8.0.
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Update package-spec version to 2.7.0.
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Update package to ECS 8.7.0.
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Initial Release