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Fleet Server

Centrally manage Elastic Agents with the Fleet Server integration.

What is an Elastic integration?

This integration is powered by Elastic Agent. Elastic Agent is a single, unified way to add monitoring for logs, metrics, and other types of data to a host. It can also protect hosts from security threats, query data from operating systems, forward data from remote services or hardware, and more. Refer to our documentation for a detailed comparison between Beats and Elastic Agent.

Prefer to use Beats for this use case? See Filebeat modules for logs or Metricbeat modules for metrics.

Fleet Server is a component of the Elastic Stack used to centrally manage Elastic Agents. It’s launched as part of an Elastic Agent on a host intended to act as a server. One Fleet Server process can support many Elastic Agent connections. It is responsible for updating agent policies, collecting status information, and coordinating actions across Elastic Agents.

To add this integration to an Elastic Agent, just add it to an agent policy. The Elastic Agents enrolled into that policy must run with additional credentials such as a service token. Learn how to add a Fleet Server our documentation.


Fleet Server is compatible with the Elastic Stack and Elastic Agents version 7.13 or higher. The version of Elastic Agents running Fleet Server must be greater than or equal to the version of the Elastic Agents that enroll in them.


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